The majority of our products have excellent environmental credentials. For instance, greyboard is manufactured from 100% recycled paper and board. These products are easily recycled using low cost energy sources. Any waste material from the manufacturing of our products is stored in bales onsite, ready for transportation in bulk to the recycling plant.


We are commited to reducing our environmental impact and continue to monitor our practices which include:
  • Using non-polluting technologies whenever possible and endeavouring to solve potential environmental problems at source.
  • Investing in environmental improvements on a progressive basis and containing our impact on the local community.
  • Ensuring our supplies are produced from recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Meeting all legal requirements regarding effluents and waste products from our operations
  • In March 2011, we gained FSCĀ® certification for Chain-of-Custody, where FSCĀ® certified board can be tracked through the production process. FSC® products are available on request.
  • We expect our suppliers to comply with all legal requirements and to honour fundamental human rights. Limehouse Board Mills does not expect its suppliers to use child labour or discriminate against people on the grounds of ethnicity, religion or sexuality.


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